Minimalist Nail Art

That minimalist aesthetic

Does the very mention of nail art make you cringe? How about bedazzling? We agree that being adventurous with your manicure (without going overboard) is daunting, so we’ve compiled a few minimalist ideas for unique, understated, and downright fabulous nails.


  • Choose two or three shades, either within the same color family (baby blue, cobalt, navy) or a mix of tones (bright orange, nude, gold) – now have some fun!
  • Simple approach: paint most fingernails in the same shade and choose one or two nails for an unexpected color pop
  • Geometric design: go for basic shapes like triangles or crescents and place them in varying patterns (or the same design) on each nail for a sophisticated yet playful manicure

Clean lines

  • Horizontal or vertical, single or overlapping, lines are a great way to make your manicure immediately more interesting without investing in an intricate design
  • Paint all your nails in a solid matte shade and paint a thin stripe across one fingernail to start; if you like the look, try it on a few other nails (or all of them!)
  • For something a little more glam, opt for a thin band of gold or silver leaf; gently press it onto the polish before applying your glossy top coat


  • So simple, yet so chic: a single dot or an all-over polka dot pattern make for instantly flirty fingernails
  • We like painting a medium-sized dot towards the bottom of the nail, aligned in the center of the cuticle, and repeating this on each one
  • Go for stark color combinations, like black and white or gray and red – the bolder, the better!

These are just a handful of ideas to ease you into the joys of nail art. Experiment with the above, combine them, or create your own!